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Solid Layer Type

A solid layer is the simplest type of drawable layer. It has three properties specific to the layer type (color, width, height) and others shared with other layer types (transform, masks, effects, layer styles).

Definition Name Type Required Default
Type ty Layer Types 1
Solid Width sw Number
Solid Height sh Number
Solid Color sc String
Index ind Number
Transform ks Object
Parent parent Number
In Point ip Number
Out Point op Number
Start Point st Number
Time stretch sr Number 1
Masks masksProperties Array[Mask Elements]
Track Matte Masked Layer tt Matte Mask types
Track Matte Masking Layer td Number
Track Matte Masking Layer Index tp Number
Blend Mode bm Blend Mode types

Type Property


Property name: ty

Property type: Layer Types

Property value: 1

Solid Width Property


Property name: sw

Property type: Number

The width of the solid

Solid Height Property


Property name: sh

Property type: Number

The height of the solid

Solid Color Property


Property name: sc

Property type: String

An hexadecimal RGB color